The small town of Mattancherry has many communities that have lived harmoniously for years, maintaining their own culture and tradition. One such community is the Tulu-Brahmin or Udupi-Brahmin community. Sri Krishna Cafe is one of the oldest restaurants in Kochi that serves Udupi cuisine.

Sri Umayal Siva Parvathy Temple is at Pandikudy in Fort Kochi. Pandi is word used to refer to Tamilians and Pandikudy refers to the settlement of Tamilians.

Makhdoom Maqbara is a sufi centre at Kochangadi in Mattancherry. Makhdoom means ‘saintly servant’. According to legend, a saint called Seikh Zainuddin Makhdoom from Yemen, lived and died here with his daughter, Zainaba Beevi.

Shantilal S Mithaiwala is a famous Gujarati sweet and tea shop on Gujarati Street in Mattancherry.  Sweets and small-eats made at the shop have that authentic taste and flavour that comes from a Gujarati kitchen.



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Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India, and reading rooms and libraries for the general public are a part of the Keralan culture. The Communist party encouraged reading culture as a political activity in Kerala.

The Kurishingal Tarawad also referred to as K B Jacob's House, was home to eight generations of the Kurishingal's in Fort Kochi. A recent fire brought a part of the house down due to which the family had to move out. It is not liveable any longer, until restored.