Annapurna Sweets

Annapurna Sweets & Restaurant

Annapurna Sweets and Restaurant located on Gujarati Road in Mattancherry, near Gujarat Bhavan is famous for delicious sweets and savouries. Established in 1945, the shop owes its origin to a Gujarati Brahmin family. Although it was established as a sweet shop, due to increasing demand from customers, it has been upgraded to include a restaurant as well. They are popularly known to offer mouth-watering vegetarian food, including a Gujarati and a Jain thali. The place is crowded in the evenings and on the weekends.

Manu Bhai Joshi, whose father migrated from Gujarat to Kochi and later established the sweet shop, is the owner of Annapurna Sweets and Restaurant. Ever since Kochi evolved as a major port in the 14th century, the presence of Gujaratis has been recorded in the area. Local historians state that in 1815, a group of Gujarati traders led by Tikku Muraleedhar came to Kochi for trade and settled in Mattancherry. Today, it is estimated that about 650 Gujarati families reside in Mattancherry. Even after centuries, Gujarati culture in Kochi is well preserved and the demand for Gujarati delicacies such as those from Annapurna Sweets and Restaurant are a reflection of the same.